Helpful Tips Before Starting

Brenden Fatchett

Last Update vor einem Jahr

There are two main menus/sidebars that we will work from

The first one is the main sidebar after signing into BigCommerce Management Control Panel. It can be found by going to:

The second can be located in the theme customizer inside the BigCommerce Control Panel by clicking Storefront > Themes > “Customize” under the current theme > This will lead to Theme Customization

- Widgets (three squares and a diamond icon) will be the main location for adding additional features to the website layout. This can be done by simple drag and drop

- Layers (two stacked square icons) will be the main location for the structural layout of the website

- Theme Styles* (color palette icon) will be the main location for all design and branding changes.

*this is the second main menu customization options will appear

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